Hull City Council should sell the K.C Stadium

I think its stupid that Council wont pass the sale of the K.C yet will pass millions in budget cuts. Surely its better for the people of Hull to have the sports village created as the Allams wanted than for them to move Hull City from the K.C. This move will just see the K.C following in the footsteps of the big screen, a neglected waste of council money. Not to mention the closure of the sure start centres and many other public buildings. Sure start is a big part in so many parents lifes, i have spoken to many people who said they would be 'lost' with out them. So im making this petition to help council see the sale of the K.C will benefit the people of Hull in so many ways and any money made should be used in public funding.
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Providing there is a Long term plan in place for managing and staffing the village, and that some controls are put in place to prevent the sale of the ground (other than for continued use for sports). I cannot see why this wouldnt be met with anything less than open arms. The hull fair could be moved, and indeed development of a new site could be a condition of sale. Aren't there plans in place for another park and ride in Hull? Surely this could be adapted to accommodate the 1 week per year fair.
This seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a truly world class sports facility in the city which would raise profile, leading to further external investment, and making the football club a true premier league proposition.
The area around the stadium is so run down at the moment, and is the first impression many visitors have of the city. The sports village alongside the completion of the council led developments in the area around the stadium, would serve to re-educate thousands of visitors as to what the city of hull is really like, and therefore is vital for the future prosperity of the city.

I am in favour of the Allams plans to purchase the KC Stadium for the Council. This can only be a good thing for the City of Hull and the surrounding area around the stadium.
Currently the area around the KC is very run down and any visitors coming to the Stadium will not get the best impression of the City. The Walton Street Car Park is just a waste of space at this current time. If the only reason to keep this in its current state is due to the annual Hull Fair then this will be a huge mistake. This only happens once a year and is becoming less and less popular every year. Looking at Mr.Allams plans this will transform the whole of West Park. At the minute it is just a Stadium in the middle of a park but it will become more than just this. It will bring more jobs to the area which can only help a city with low unemployment.
There are many unused boarded up buildings around the area and if it goes ahead it can only help bringing the area back to life.
If you just look at all the major citys with premiership football clubs, they have all developed around the grounds yet we are/were the only city not to have done this. If people like the look of the area and see improvements they will be more likely to come back to Hull more often, bringing more money into the area as people will be spending money on hotels etc. They will be less likely to return seeing the state of the surrounding area. Also, with increased capacity this can only help again. The foundations need to be put in place so we can once again see Premiership football back in Hull.
If i was the Council i would be snapping the Allams' hands off and trying to get things moving as soon as possible. He will be putting his money into it all and this can only help the Council out when putting Hull back on the map. It seems an offer too good to turn down.

The KC Stadium is indeed a magnificent stadium and most of the good things that have happened in this city in the last ten years have happened there. I did think, and campaigned when it was being built that the stadiums capacity was at least 10,000 seats too small.
People scoffed at that because at that time Hull City were still a Division Two club. But looked what happened? The very first league match at the KC was a sell-out, yes, as a Div 2 club/fixture and the stadium has sold out countless times for City games since. Every seat was sold for every match for two years solid when the club reached the Premier League. First hand proof, cast iron proof that a successfull City team will and does fill the stadium. A full stadium brings thousands of people into the city spending money in the local economy. Even Hull FC's gates increased from 3,000 to over 10,000. Little was made of the fact that Hull City were having to turn hundreds, sometimes thousands of people away every home match in the Premiership because there were no available seats. People from all over the country and Europe, people who would have bought hotel rooms and spent time and money in our city. All the big Premiership city club's benefit from this trade. Hull should be competing too.
That is the way forward. This city needs a Premiership football club here again.
The club now has a new local owner Assem Allem who wishes to move the club forward and also leave a legacy to the area. His plans to buy the stadium, expand it and redevelop the land surrounding the KC are exciting and much needed. Hull needs this massive investment. Hull needs a bigger, better stadium and the add-on's, without it we can never sustain a Premeirship club, and you cannot have one without the other. Either we want to be a top city break week-end desination or we dont. I dont think Walton street car boot sale is quite the same attraction as a top line Premiership football match, or a top line concert do you?
I do not expect the council to fund the expansion of the KC and I cannot see where the council can even find the money from to maintain the stadium in future years. Also the original plans for the area to be developed when the stadium was built have not materialised. In fact parts of West Park are in a worse state now then they were before the stadium was built. The area where the bird avierys where situated is disgraceful and a scandelous waste of land. Assem Allam can bring those areas back to life.
Of course we need a clause in there that the people of Hull can still use the facilities, which has already been promised.
These plans are not something out of the ordinary, although they are for Hull, but every new stadium in the country already has this type of development in place. Our huge advantage is that the KC Stadium is situated within walking distance of the city centre and any increase in visitors/trade/business will be kept within the city, unlike some of the new stadium developments. I use the magnificent Reebok stadium, home of Bolton Wanderers as an example. They have everything surrounding the stadium that Mr. Allam has planned for our stadium, but it's situation, nearly eight miles outside of Bolton means that no-one visiting probably the biggest and best attraction in the area spends a penny in Bolton town centre.
We are in fact already lagging behind the rest of the country.
The only differance being that the Allams plans are better than anyone elses. We would be a leader. Certainley the best stadium in Yorkshire by a country mile.
We would be an automatic choice for staging international matches, top line concerts, and conferances. Hull needs this.
Lets not waste this once in a lifetime opportunity.
The KC Stadium will not remain in prestine condition for ever, the surrouding land will not develop itself,and an empty field, with a couple of grazing horses in it employs no-one.
This is an offer too good to miss.

We have to think about the future of hull this development will create jobs at the moment there are very few in the city aswell as making a place for people to visit from around the uk with will help bring more money into the city we tried with st stephens but realisticly you'd rather go to trafford center or some where think that if you wanted a shopping experence. So let mr allam have a go in a win win situation the council get CASH which they despatly need to keep things from been cut even more and we get somwhere to be proud of as people of hull give the young people the chance to suceed in sport in the city. As for hull fair I'm sure we can fins a better place for it I for one are sick and tired of walking through a stone and water filled car park every year for the fair there must be a more suitable place for it with decent toilets and good quality ground for it to be on. Comon people of HULL get behind the Allam family and make a change

hi i am the creator of this petition i strongly belive that the people in hull should have a say on the sale of the kc stadium an if/when sold what the money shud be spent on the council shud not beable to just close all the day centers for kids oap an disabled ppl please sign an share the link lets show them the people have a voice and we ARE willing to use it i intend to do every thing i can to get ppls voices accross i have hull daily mail involved doin an article on the story shortly please if u have face book searck kc stadium sale ( an send a freind request all freinds will be accepted the page is currently bein up dated with info thanxs andy

sell the stadium and use the money to keep vital childrens and young peoples services open!!!!! you know it makes sense!!!!

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